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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Decorating on a Budget

I recently organized my bathroom. I started my spring cleaning by purging my closets. Getting rid of the old, to prepare for the new. Finding space in my bathroom was so difficult. Especially with two makeup queens, it was hard to find room to house all our trinkets. I made a trip to the local dollar store and found these cute glass jars to house my bath salts, q-tips and makeup pads. And the cost? $12! I couldn't go wrong with that. Giving my bathroom a clean, spa feel to our bathroom! And best of all, accessible within a reach.

Dollar Store finds to organize my bathroom

I love candles. The candles I usually buy come in glass jars with lids. When the candle is done, I keep the jars. It's way too pretty to throw away. If you find it hard to remove the wax from the jar, simply place the jar in the freezer. Leave it in there overnight. Remove the  jar from the freezer and dislodge the wax. You will find that it will just pop out. I then wash is thoroughly and house other household items such as loose band-aids, qtips for my children's bathroom, loose change, store your makeup brushes etc. You never know when you need a pretty jar. There's no need to throw it away.

When there's a sale on soap, I usually stock up. We go through so much bars of soap. Again, it takes up so much space in the closet. And it never fails that once we're in the shower, we notice that we ran out of soap. I bought larger glass canisters at Walmart to store extra soap. I used the next size down to store all my make up samples that are given out at the beauty counter. I like to try out samples of products before buying. I had it scattered all over the place. Having it in that jar is in my face so I will not forget to try out the product.

Store your extra supplies in pretty glass jars
The possibilities are endless with these fabulous jars. Not only do they act as a storage container, it's also a décor item at such an inexpensive cost.

You can also use these in the kitchen to store extra flour, coffee, tea, cereal.

Just use your imagination!

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