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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

April Fools?

Well....It's April and look what I have woken up to...NICE!

Welcome to Canada! The country that we're wearing shorts one day and ski-doing the next. This picture was taken early Monday morning on April 4th. I guess Mother Nature was a few days late with her April Fool's joke lol!
On a different note I just want to reach out to you! I can tell you being a single mom is hard but we're strong and we can do it! It's been 5 years for me. I've dated but it just seems like leftovers are being offered to me. I've kissed too many frogs. But I know somewhere out there my prince is waiting. I was told by someone that if I don't fix myself I will only attract fixer-uppers.  How true! I was broken and I was only attracting crap. This was a total aha moment for me. But how was I going to fix myself? What's broken? My dear friend who is also a psychotherapist approached me and said that in order for me to move forward in my life and to attract the love of my life I would need to heal through therapy. He referred me to my now therapist and I have not looked back. OMG! I have been searching for years for a therapist like Carol. I have finally found a therapist that works for me. She is absolutely amazing. I'm not ashamed of seeing a therapist. I didn't think I was broken but you know what - yes I was. There were things that were buried deep inside of me that I forgot about. Events/traumas were lodged into my subconscious mind unbeknownst to me. Carol has been amazing to help me purge these emotions, past hurts that have scarred me. I urge you not to bottle things up. Talk it out. Get together with a girl friend and vent! Seek a therapist. They're trained professionals to help you heal. I know the past 5 years I have been searching for me! My authentic self. I've read books, gone to seminars, classes etc. I found the world of spirituality which is my true calling! It works for me. This is who I truly am. I have taken courses and am now a Reiki Master. I love it! And I am proud! I urge you to search for your passion. It will fill that void and the feeling you will achieve will be amazing! There's no excuse! Go out there GIRL you can do it!
Mantra for today I AM BEAUTIFUL!  

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