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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Old School Munchies

Dropped by my parents house the other day just to see how they were doing. My uncle and aunt were over. All four of them were having a game of cards. The snacks my mom was serving brought me back to my childhood days.  The snacks served were what I call peasant food. Food they grew up on back home.

Pictured below, my mom served mini taralli, flavored with white wine. Lupini beans, dried figs that were cut in half and stuffed with walnuts. The dates were also split in half, pitted, stuffed with goat cheese and topped with an almond.

With the figs and dates, serve warm. Just place it in the oven just to warm through.

I must comment on the dates. The thought of sweet and savoury totally turns me off. But with this combination, the flavors balance. The sweet date offsets the savoury goat cheese.

Let me tell you, I cannot stop at one! So addicting! And with a glass of wine, even better!

Toss the chips and peanuts and try this for a change.
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