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Friday, 8 April 2016

Spring Cleaning

Have you heard of the saying "Out With The Old and In With The New"? Well now is your chance. Spring is here and it's now time to purge your closets of clothes that are not needed or out grown. Do you have boxes of junk piling up in your basement? Get rid of it! Last winter I spent days purging my closet and basement. Crap that accumulated for years that was just taking up precious space.  Last Fall I purchased a table at our local community garage sale and sold my goodies. The table was cheap and the traffic generated was amazing! It was indoors so I didn't have to spend time posting signs etc etc. It was really fun!

It was indoors at the local community center so I did not have to worry about rain (and it did rain that day) so it brought in more visitors! Check with your local municipality to see if such an event is offered. Another option that I found quite good is Varage Sale. Varagesale is a cyber garage sale which you create on their site. You usually create an account through Facebook. You join your local community site. Please check the terms and conditions as each community differ in rules. The Admin is quite helpful and is quite professional and quick in responding to  your emails. Just be careful like other sites and use caution when you arrange to meet. I found from my experience that the participants are usually women and are extremely friendly and helpful. Take a peek and explore to see if this suits you.

A great way to get rid of your junk and make some extra pocket money.

Until next time! xo

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