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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meow Therapy

Well, once my ex left it felt like a dark cloud lifted from our home. That intense, negative energy finally left our home. BUT...we were all afraid. Afraid of the unknown. So as the days went by, my little girl at the time was 10 and she kept her emotions bottled up. One day she couldn't take it anymore and came into my room and started to cry. She hugged me and couldn't stop crying. She cried so hard she was gasping for air. My little girl was finally releasing her pain. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and asked her to dictate to me how she felt. We needed to release her bottled emotions. She spilled out her words and I wrote away. Ahhh... at last my little girl is releasing her bottled emotions. As I wrote away, we talked about it and I comforted her. I immediately saw a sense of peace overcoming her. This is a good exercise to do with your child. Let them talk and you listen and write. A great way to release hurt and anger.

For my son on the other hand, I took a different approach. His hurt was in the form of anger. He was fifteen years old and everything that I did was lashed out in anger. Then one day I asked him what his thought would be about us getting a kitten. For some reason Spring of that year we were experiencing mice coming into our home. YUK! So getting a kitty would be a perfect deterrent for these pesky little rascals. about seeing a sour face turn into a happy one! Finally! Yay! So off we went to our local Petsmart to adopt a kitty from the OSPCA! Oh God I never felt so good going with my son to search for the ONE! Well, the first Petsmart store were went to my son's eyes locked with this beautiful black domestic long haired beauty named Princess Tiffany.

How perfect! I was sold on the name alone! The only thing was she was already a year old and I wanted a kitty. So we went to other shelters but his mind was on the Princess! So back we went to the original store and asked the girl if we could meet with her. Well, the bond was instant. We were in the adoption room for over an hour and the vibe in that room was incredible. It was a done deal. Princess Tiffany was coming home! One thing daughter freaked out! She didn't want her. We told her to give Tiffany a chance. Within a few days she melted perfectly in with us.

My angry son slowly became himself again. To this day (3 years later) he hugs and loves the heck out of that cat. She truly is a God send to our family!

I cannot urge you enough if you can to please consider adopting a pet. The OSPCA's pets come spayed/neutered with all their shots and micro-chipped. Petsmart gave us a care package for Tiffany with a whole bunch of goodies.

I later found out that black cats are the  most euthanized due to the superstitious stigma and that we truly saved her life! Awww! So go to your local shelter and make a difference! Make it a field trip with the kids - you won't regret it!

Today's mantra I AM WORTHY!

Until next time! Muah! xo

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