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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Card of The Day to Inspire You

I chose this card for you this morning from one of my favorite decks The Spirit Messages from John Holland. The pictures are so beautiful and the messages are heartwarming. Google this deck to order online or visit your local Metaphysical store.

I shuffled my deck and asked spirit what messages are to be communicated to you today and this is what I chose.

How appropriate! Be proud! Be proud of who you are! What you have become! Stand tall - you are strong!

I try my best to set aside about half hour for me. I go into a quiet room to quiet my mind and connect to spirit. I shuffle my cards and ask my guides what messages they have for me today. It is a must for me. It gives me peace. You deserve some quiet time! I will share some more ideas on how I spend some quiet time - to give my mind a break. Until next time! xo

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