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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kitty Chronicles

As mentioned in my previous post, our cat Tiffany has been a true blessing to our family. She has brought in so much happiness and joy into our hearts. When we brought her home from the shelter, we all made a decision that she would become an indoor cat. Our property backs onto natural green space with a lot of wild animals. The odds of her being preyed upon was very high. We didn't want to take that chance. But we have windows! She's constantly staring out the window making these really weird noises. She sounds like a goat! She trembles and has little mini fits.

When we check in on her we see that those pesky birds are teasing the shit out of her! OMG! Not to mention those bratty squirrels!

We have to pull her away from the window and calm her down. Our little chickita is being teased by the neighborhood animals! Our poor baby!

But that's life and we will only love her more!

Until next time! xo

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