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Friday, 8 April 2016

Event on A Budget

Well, divorce is tough because now that I'm on my own, I have to live with one income and support myself and the kids. My daughter turned 13 and for us being Catholic, it's confirmation time. A sacrament that is received at this age.

Money was tight, so I couldn't go to a restaurant. So I had a Sunday lunch at my home and made things pretty the best I could. My mother helped me cook, I ordered a cake and tried to decorate the best I could to make this day special for her. 

The table was set in a pink damask tablecloth with matching napkins. We hand made the name tags for each guest. A little package of "kisses" as a treat.

We purchased these beautiful bread boards handcrafted by Salt Marketplace on Etsy
The thank you cards have a rustic look and were custom printed by Borden Specifics.

Italians give out "bombiniere" to guests that attend their event as a gift of gratitude for coming to their celebration. We placed our bombiniere (favors) in a wrought iron tray to display the favors.

My daughter Madeleine chose this beautiful pink red velvet cake as her celebration cake! Delish!

So what I have learned is that this event was the best decision that I made to have it at home. It was warm and cozy and relaxing for all. If I would of gone to a restaurant, it would of been stuffy and not as fun.

Salute from all of us! We had a blast! Muah!  Until next time!

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