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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Spending Quality Time With My Daughter

 Being the girly girl that I am, playing with make up has always been a passion of mine since I was a wee girl. My mom never wore make up. The odd lipstick and perfume - nothing more. She believed that beauty came naturally. I would love going through the Avon book or look through the make up counter at the local department store.  When I was older, I took make up courses on my spare time to learn how to apply make up professionally. I just loved it!

My daughter shares the same passion. She's constantly on Youtube watching tutorials about make up application. Ask her any question, she will answer you. She loves it! So we had some girly time, and she did my eyes.

I love it! She prepped my eyes, then applied my eyeshadow.

She took her time, and was very patient with me. I was nervous and kept flinching.

The colors she used brought out the green in my eyes. We both had so much fun! It was the best mother - daughter time we had in a long time! I'm so grateful for my in house make up artist!

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